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Staff Profile

Tom ErringtonName:  
Tom Errington.

Married To Ellen we have 3 children.

Position: Company Director.

Previous Employment:
 Have been self employed for ten years now and loved every minute of it, prior to fencing I worked in Agriculture as a Farm Manager.

What does Bristol Fencing Contractors have to offer?  We bring a wealth of experience and training to every job, which means our customers get the very best advice, products and installations, all completed on time and safely.

What’s been your best idea:  Investing in training and equipment, which enables us to do our work more efficiently and more safely.

And your worst:  Diversifying into Grass Cutting; its not very profitable.

What tips do you have for customers: I see so many poor fences, usually done on the cheap and built with substandard materials. My advice is don’t skimp on the quality of materials or installation, when fencing is done right it will last a lifetime and prove very cost effective.

Favourite film: Gladiator.

Beer or Wine
:  Bath Ales.

Favourite Food
: Lasagne.

Favourite saying
: You only live once! & A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you
: a multitool, a machete and a lighter.

Newspaper you read
: Bristol Post.

Favourite sport
: Cycling.